Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Designer Craft Connection Manufacturer Challenge - Connie Crystal

Just a little bit of sparkle can dress up anything.  Thanks to Connie Crystal for the opportunity to work with some of the products.  Find some sparkling ideas on the Sparkle blog.

There are a number of other designers who are also participating in this manufacturer challenge using products from Connie Crystal.  This product is new to me and I can see many uses for the crystal sheets to add some extraodinaire glitz to a wide variety of projects.

To show off the sparkle of the crystal sheets that I received, I first created a black felt handbag as a surface.  To give the bag a special finish I attached the crystal pendant that I also received onto the handbag's flap.

I cut two single strips of the crystals from the sheet.  The strips were handsewn along the edge of the handbag flap, front and back.  The extra was trimmed away.

From the remaining crystal sheet, I cut away a 4-square count of the crystals to create a simple pattern in the mesh.  I attached it in a few places with Fabri Tac glue and then stitched around it with handsewing to hold it into place.  Attach a piece of Velcro onto the flap and handbag front to help keep the bag closed.

Any plain purse or handbag can take on a whole new look with some Connie Crystal sheets.

Check out this link to see the other blog posts: DCC Page

Materials used for the project:
Kunen Glitterfelt™- Black - 4 sheets
Sewing Machine
Black Thread
Lining Fabric
Beacon Fabri Tac Glue
Connie Crystal crystal sheet - black
Tiny Scissors
Handsewing Needle


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue! Took a very quick look at all the lovely ideas from everyone - Fantastic! I need to stop by and leave comments too!

  2. I love how you cut out squares in the mesh! Great idea!

    1. Thanks Terry - i definitely liked working with the sheets and can see many ways of using this product. I need to stop by to leave comments - the ideas are all so wonderful!

  3. Madeline, this is such a fun project! There are so many options using your basic design concept. Love it!

    1. I so agree Marilyn! No matter the surface, it's fun to work with. Thanks for the comment!