Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Deflecto Design Team - Hearts & Flowers

Three lovely frames all on there own - can take on a new look with various crafting supplies and techniques.

The easiest way to transform a simple clear acrylic frame is with a sheet of stickers.  A sticker sheet, with a variety of hearts that are placed around the outside edges of the frame is so simple that this could be used as a party favor, as a give away or a group project.  Add a decorative paper if desired  or just add a wallet size photo to the frame.  Tie on a cord or ribbon also, if desired. (NOTE: Any themed stickers could be used for this project.  Make at a birthday party or sleepover.)

This is my favorite frame to embellish. I absolutely love the look of frames like this with only a photograph inside, but it sure lends itself to many ways to add some special touches.  Continuing with the "heart" theme - a simple washi tape design was placed onto the back panel of the frame.  Add a trimmed photo.  After the frame is placed back together a ribbon and bow was added, along with some stick-on red jeweled hearts. (NOTE: Any look can be achieved with this frame.)

The final acrylic frame comes with a colored border that a narrow strip of ribbon outlines.  A photo mat was cut to fit the frame from a textured paper before adding a photo.  A variety of paper flowers were created from various types of papers, then placed to adorn the corners of the frame.  (NOTE: All the flowers and leaves are made using die-cuts.)

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