Friday, February 6, 2015

Designer Craft Connection Manufacturer Challenge - Offray Ribbon

Participating in manufacturer challenges are always fun and surprising.  This challenge, using a variety of Offray® ribbons was not any different.

Of the five different ribbon bolts that I was sent, the wired, printed bolt was where I felt I should draw my inspiration.  The color combination that I received made me think of the beach and outside entertaining.

Picture this tablesetting on a porch or patio or even a beach blanket.  The placemat was woven using the 1 1/2" wide wire edged printed ribbon, along with both the natural and white 3/8" grograin ribbons.

The ribbons along the four sides are held in place with Beacon® Fabri Tac™ glue,  then machine sewn around the edge.  Trim neatly and the ends folded to the back and glued with Fabri Tac™.

A simple and no-sew napking ring was formed from a piece of thick white canvas, cut 1 1/2" wide and 7" long.  A piece of the same ribbon is glued to one side of the canvas.  Form the ribbon covered strip into a circle and glue to ends to together, overlapping about 1/2".  Embellish the napkin ring with a starfish.

To add to the tablescape I repurposed an empty candle jar into a vase.  Lengths of the natural 3/8" grograin ribbon was cut into strips long enough to fit on the candle jar from the top, down around the bottom, and up to the top of the jar (plus adding an additional 2").  Use Beacon® 3-in-1 glue to add the ribbon strips to the outside of the candle jar.  Cut two circles from felt for the bottom of the jar.  Cut  a small circle from the center of each.  Glue the two layers to the bottom.  Trim the ribbons at the top evenly and then glue to the inside edge.  To finish the vase, glue a length of the same ribbon near the top and a starfish for embellishment.

Each of these projects could be made with other colors and widths of other Offray™ ribbons for any desired theme or look.  There was one more project that is not quite completed, using the other ribbons that I received. Once finished I will add it to this post.  NOTE:  This will be a longer table runner, made with the two grograin ribbons and the 1 1/2" white and natural  organza ribbons that I received.  It will be woven like the placemat and finished in the same way.  Once completed, I may sew the printed ribbon as a binding around the edges.  A table runner made using sheer ribbons, mixed with a sturdier grosgrain, would add to any tablescape.  White for weddings, colors to suit any holiday.
Uncomplete, woven table runner using sheers and grosgrain ribbons.
Photos of woven runner before and after binding of the wired and printed ribbon was added:

Ribbon is for much more than bows - the manufacturer challenge should prove that point.  Enjoy the many ideas and designs you fill find in the participating blogs.  Thank you OFFRAY™ for this opportunity!


  1. Thanks Terry. I thought so too! Wish I lived by the beach to use them for a beach party!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Sue, I hope that readers enjoy the projects!

  3. Beautiful! Just gorgeous. The printed ribbon actually doesn't even seem printed once you weave it. Great job.

    1. Thank you so much Liz. Plus the wired ribbon helped to give the placemat some stability.

  4. beautifully done!!! Time for a beach party!

  5. Oh to the warmer climates. Soon enough I hope. Love the ribbon and your clever ideas.

    1. I agree Lorine ... thoughts of warmer weather!
      Thanks for commenting, glad you like them.