Monday, November 5, 2012

Designer Craft Connection November Edition - Thank You's

The "tricks and treats" are over and before we start being "merry" and "happy" we will be  giving "thanks".  This brings me to the theme of this months DCC blog hop ideas - saying Thank You.

Of course a "thank you" card or note is the first way to go, so I created a note card with an extra little something.

Stamping a simple, embossed message on a blank note card, adding coordinating blocks of papers as a background to attached a fabric, flower brooch is a special way to give thanks for any reason. The brooch was made from stiffened fabric for the flower, handmade paper leaves, a button and Sizzix dies.

The Thanksgiving holiday is approaching.  We will all probably be having gatherings or attending gathering with family and acquaintances. I created a small little gift to give to a hostess or guests.

Use a simple votive holder and decorate as desired and place a "Be Thankful" Yankee Candle inside.

This version, a length of ribbon was glued around the bottom of the glass and then buttons were added.  Another length of ribbon was added with a bow at the center.  These would be easy to make and use as part of a table setting or give to guests as they leave.

For the second version, I used a small circle of Smoothfoam™.  A circle was cut to fit the votive holder.  The foam was wrapped with 1/2" wide strip of fabric.  "Petals" from pinecones were glued around the top of the foam ring and around the side.  To give it a finished look a length of jute cording was added along the bottom and a thin gold cord adds a bit of glitz.

NOTE: Use the same idea but change the color scheme for all elements used for a different holiday or occasion.

Hope you enjoy these fairly simple and sweet ways to say "Thank You".


  1. Lovely design set Madeline. Thank you's are always nice to receive but receiving one of yours would be extra nice.

  2. All of these are lovely,and such creative ideas.

  3. They are all so pretty - I have to say that each one is my favorite!