Monday, November 12, 2012

Designer Craft Connection Challenge - Smoothfoam™

NOTE: I must first apologize for being a bit late to the posting for this challenge.  There was a human error of forgetfulness of equipment needed to get this post complete for the Saturday date while away with family.

The product for this challenge is Smoothfoam™.  Here is a link to the products website: and a Pinterest link here: 

I look forward to experimenting with this product in other ways then the ideas I will share with you here.
Here is an ornament using one of the Smoothfoam™ balls.  I would recommend the 3" or 4" size.  I used an apple corer to form a hole into the ball. Tapered pieces of scrap fabric were cut to be glued around the lower two-thirds of the ball. The "petals" from pinecones  were glued around the top one-third of the ball.  Insert a hanger of gold fine cording to the center top.  Brown moss was glued into the open center at the top and a small amount into the hole at the front.  Wire a little bird to a short twig and glue to the front of the ornament.  Two ribbon streamers are place at the top.  Dab a small amount of DecoArt Snow-Tex to the tips of the pinecone petals and twig.

A simple ribbon wreath can be made by cutting out the center of a 12" disc.  Measure about 1" to 1 1/2" from the edge and use a serrated knife or desired cutting tool.  Tie 5/8" wide ribbons of choice around the Smoothfoam™ring.  Clip a "V" into the ends of each ribbon. Use a short sequin pins to add snowflake sequins around the front of the wreath in the "white" spaces between the ribbons.  Form a bow from ribbons and attach with a pin.  Add a wire hanger to the back top for hanging.

Not to waste materials, I took the leftover disc and cut another ring in the same way as above to make a candle ring.  I took thin, white quilt batting and cut it into a 1" strip.  This was wrapped around the ring, gluing it onto the ring as it is wrapped.  Coat the surface of the ring with DecoArt Snow-Tex. NOTE: Do not cover bottom. Two coats may be needed.  Allow the finish to dray well.  Top the surface with DecoArt Crystal Craft Twinkle Glitter paint.  When the glitter paint is dry, glue snowflake sequins all over the ring with Beacon Gem Tac and onto a pillar candle.

NOTE: Waste nothing - from the small leftover piece check out the small candle holder in the previous post.

There is a "giveaway" for this challenge of a kit to make a snowman with some extras.  To enter to win leave a comment on the blog of the designer whose project(s) you like.  The more often you comment the more chances you have to win.  You can also make comments on the Pinterest site.  The winner will be announced on Novermber 19th on the Designer Craft Connection Facebook page.

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