Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forty Years Ago

Without much hoopla, today Mike and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary.  In this day and age it's a pretty big deal to get to this point in a marriage.  Originally we were planning on a "celebration" of some type ... maybe a party, maybe a dinner, maybe a trip!  Without going into details, we are staying home and just enjoying another day together.
Last week-end we spent the day with the kids and grandchildren, getting pictures taken and then having a wonderful meal with everyone.  Thank you very much for the fun meal that included the kids version of the "Newlywed Game" and a fabulous tiramisu cake for dessert.
There is just too much for me to say about the last forty years. Anyone who knows us, realizes that we met in high school back in 1965.  We have had a good, happy life together.  I would be lying if I said everything was perfect and wonderful all the time ... there is NO such thing!  If anything, our years together have been "realistic".

With all the ups & downs that we have faced in our years together, I can honestly say I would not change it for anything else.  We have always thought of ourselves as fortunate people.  We are not rich, do not have many things others have, but we have each other and our family.  Our love has changed but it also has grown ... we don't know what else will come our way, but as always, we will do it together!

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