Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lady Lutradur

Recently I took part in another creative challenge.  Another company that I have created projects for from time to time, is C & T Publishing.   The call went out to use a new product that they will be selling.  Besides the wonderful books, the collection of board books and paper crafting supplies, they also have some materials for fabric artists as well as quilters.

One of the products they have is something called "Lutradur" Mixed Media Sheets.  It is a paper like fabric that can be painted, dyed, printed on, sewn, distorted, die-cut, embossed and manipulated in a variety of ways.  Soon they will be carrying Ultra-lite Lutradur.  I was sent a sample to experiment with.  My end result was my creation of "Lady Lutradur".

The body of the doll is made using the original Lutradur.  The pattern for the body was taken from a large doll body rubber stamp.  The body parts were stitched with a narrow zig-zag stitch, stuffed with stuffing.  The parts were painted a flesh color.  Once dry, arms and legs were attached to the main body with paper brads.  I created patterns for clothes to dress the doll.  All the clothing was made using the new ultra-lite Lutradur.  I used paint, fabric dyes, stamping inks and mica powders for coloring  the material.  The vest on the doll was sewn and then felted with wool rovings of assorted colors.

As a background, I used one of C&T board books.  Several pages were glued together.  The surface was painted with two colors.  An image from the company catalog was glued to the cover and a company postcard was glued to the inside and verses stamped onto the book.

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  1. You're the best!! I love this doll - thanks so much for sharing your amazing creative spirit with us!