Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fairfield Pillow Challenge - Designer Craft Connection

What better way to brighten up a summer setting is there!  Combine an outdoor pillow with some colorful fabrics and embellishments and the results can be amazing.

I requested Weather Soft™ Pillow Inserts for this project.  They are a water resistant pillow shape made specifically for outdoor use.  They have a laminated shell that protects the fiberfill from moisture.  They are durable and add comfort to your patio and deck furnishings.

Measure a piece of the Oly-Fun™ Sky Blue fabric an inch larger than the size of the pillow form.  The fabric will be sewn by machine to form a pillow covering that may be removed to be changed for the seasons.  Overlap the fabric approximately 3" to 4" on the back part of the pillow covering.  NOTE: Hem the edges by folding over the edges 1/4" to 1/2" before sewing around the four sides of the pillow covering.  Before turning to the right side, trim the four sides with pinking shears and trim the points.

Die-cut circles from the Hot Fudge Oly-Fun™for each flower.  Die-cut leaves from the Pine Oly-Fun™. Using the Eileen Hull Leaves Sizzix die, cut 12 of each size leaf for each flower.  NOTE: The stems on the leaves can be trimmed away.  Beginning with the largest leaf shape, glue them around the brown center, spacing as evenly as possible.  Continue to glue the next size leaf around the center placing them in between the leaves of the first band.  Finish with the smallest leaf, placing them between the leaves of the prior row.  Find the placement of the flowers and leaves that is desired and then glue them into place.

Place the finished pillow where ever you would some brightness!!!


Fairfield Weather Soft™ 18" x 18" Pillow Insert (#A-WP18)
Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Pine
Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Sky Blue
Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Hot Fudge
Yellow Felt
Sizzix Big Shot
SIzzix Dies: Eileen Hull Leaves, Original Leaf, Maple
Beacon Adhesives FabriTac™
Sewing Machine
NOTE:  Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Lemon Drop could be used in place of the yellow felt.

Visit the Fairfield World website to see the complete line of products.


  1. Great project! And, I didn't know that there were pillows made for outdoor use, so thanks for that tip!

    1. Thanks Terry! I didn't know either until I went back and looked over the product line. It's really a nice pillow form!