Monday, June 1, 2015

Designer Craft Connection - Let's Party!

Summer is here and it brings along with it - PARTY TIME!  Of course,  parties are great no matter the reason or the time.

Every party calls for beverages and why not make serving them fun.  There are several containers on the market that can make beverages at parties special.

Using a Mason jar, a drinking mug and replicas of milk bottles, then adding some extras to embellish, the end product are unique additions for your party table.

Create a fabric lid for the containers from fabrics to suit a theme.  Make a pattern by drawing a circle.  Use a 6 1/2" circle for the larger vessels and a 4 3/4" circle for the bottles.  In the center of each pattern, trace the diameter of the corresponding jar/mug and bottles.  Trace the circles onto the fabrics of choice, then cut out using pinking shears.  Make another set of circle patterns the same size as the diameter of the container  opening.  NOTE: The measurements are approximately 2 3/4" for the jar/mug and 1 3/4" for the bottles.  Trace these circle patterns onto vinyl iron-on material, two per cover; cut out.  NOTE: Cut these circles slightly smaller than the tracing line.  Place and press these vinyl circles onto the fabric circles, centering them.  Follow the manufacturer instructions to apply these to the fabric.  Applying them to both sides will make these reusable and keep them from absorbing any liquid.

Fold each circle to find the center and carefully cut and X in the center.  For the jar or mug, place the fabric onto the top and  center the vinyl circle then screw a jar lid ring on.  Add some ribbon or other trim for decoration if desired onto the edge of the lids.  For the bottles, place the fabric circles onto the tops and hold in place with clear rubber bands.  Add ribbon or trim for decoration if desired.

Die-cut corresponding tags in shapes to match the theme from chalkboard material.  Punch a small hole into the shapes and attach a thin cord for tying.  Use chalkboard markers to add names to the tags.

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