Thursday, May 21, 2015

JOY®-ful Letters

Add a letter or two, or three, or more, here and there to label something special.  I have never used these letters before and found them easy to use. plus an attractive addition for any type of base.

First comes this little white linen bag that I created for a previous manufacturer challenge for Decorative Trimmings.  Someone happened to give me a suggestion (thanks Julie), about using these wonderful letters for this challenge.  Personalizing items for any occasion can be fun, why not something for a brides special day.  Take this idea beyond the bride and add the names of your bridal party to a special item for this special day.

Why not add a monogram to all your traveling paraphernalia. Here I added my own initials to a fabric travel pouch that I made for myself.  I definitely like the look of these on the pouch and think it would be a great idea to add them to all my other travel bags.

Totally love the look of these large letters when I first saw them.  My original plan was to make something for my two youngest granddaughters that they could use for taking on a trip or a sleepover.  Unfortunately I made a big mistake when choosing the letters and could only make one.

Using a purchased plastic tote from Michael's, it was perfect for the base of a cute carry-all.  These great letters were glued on and stand out on this tote, add some die-cut duck tape flowers and iridescent gems and that's all that is needed for sweet carrier for any little girl - what JOY!

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