Monday, May 11, 2015

Working With "Earth Safe Finishes" Begins

After becoming aware of Earth Safe Finishes a few years back and using them in a teaching venue, I realized how I enjoyed the versatility of all the mixing aspects of the products in this line. Now as a part of this team, it will be a great way to further work with these products and discover more about them.  I look forward to learning and experimenting!

This first effort is an easy one but I was still impressed with the results.  I have worked with the majority of paints that are on the market throughout the years. The first impression that stuck me was with coverage of the Earth Safe Finishes paint.  The way the paint performed for this little project surpassed my expectations.

There was a need to create a project using this wooden chalkboard holder, but wanted to change the original wood finish.  I began by sanding the wooden surface to remove some of the slick finish. Wipe away the sanding powder with a tack rag or slightly damp cloth.  I brushed on a coat of ESF Chalk It Up Huckleberry Cobbler paint.  It was so easy to apply to all the surface of the wooden frame.  There were not brush marks and it went on very smoothly.  After drying, which was quickly, another coat of paint was applied, but the first coat gave great coverage.  After allowing the paint to dry for an hour, I applied a coat of the ESF No Voc Wax, folllowing manufacture's instructions.  This was the first time I had used something other then a brush-on finish.  The finish of the painted surface was lovely and I can see using this product for many future projects.

To add a bit of color for the project theme, I took yellow ESF Colorant and just dabbed it onto the back of clear plastic pouch and let it dry.

Using three products changed the look of two surfaces for this Graduation Celebration display.

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