Friday, December 5, 2014

Designer Craft Connection - Easy Holiday Decoration with "Foamology™" by Fairfield

Another opportunity to work with something new that I had never seen or used before, presented itself with this designer challenge.  I was totally unaware of this line of products called Foamology™by Fairfield.  I requested the 24" x 24" Rigid Tiles to work with.  Here is my creation using just one of the tiles, Faux Wooden "BELIEVE" Plank...

This will be a welcome addition to the country holiday vignette near the front entrance.  The idea was inspired by a similar one my daughter had made out of old recycled wood.

The 24" x 24" rigid tile was cut using a serated knife into two pieces measuring 12" x 24".  The two panels were taped together using wide strapping tape to hold them together.  The long panel was then covered with a natural cotton batting.  NOTE: Add the batting to the panels as shown in the video files for working with these products:

I cut a piece of brown felt to cover the back of the plank.  NOTE: Fabric or paper could be used also.  

Using the back side of a butter knife, I ran it down the length of the plank about 3" from both sides to make an impression.  Using thinned paint, I  brushed it into the groove made by the knife.  This gave the panel some depth and the look of a wooden plank.

Letters that spell out BELIEVE, were cut from heavy, decorative cardstock using a Silhouette and a decorative font.  Spray adhesive was used to adhere the letters to the plank.  A little bit of gold spary glitter was applied before spray the entire surface with a clear acrylic spray finish.  A  little strip of "bark-like" ribbon was glued on and a small evergreen spray added to finish the look.

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