Friday, September 16, 2011


"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face."
-John Donne

September first to me ushers in Autumn.  This is the season I enjoy the most. Because of family health issue the Summer season came and went for me.  Honestly with the extreme weather we had this year, just like much of the country, I missed much of the hot temps, and that is OK with me.

There is a change in the air the past few days and signs that seasons are changing.  I spent a little time today bringing out some of the seasonal decorations.  I think a banner needs to be created for the fireplace mantle.  What material should I use? What should it say?  I'll share the finished project as soon as it's complete.

I came across a wonderful magazine a few weeks back while making a quick stop at the store. I'm always looking for new magazines to browse through. This is a new one to me but enjoyed all the wonderful ideas throughout the publication. The photography is wonderful and filled with decorating ideas for many styles. Autumn Cottage is one of those magazines that I will place where all can share and enjoy flipping through.

Some other favorites that will remain on the coffee table for constant viewing during the season:

 Country Sampler - love reading how others decorate with the country style and seeing so many interesting country designs.

Midwest Living - especially at this time of the year, this magazine shares many ideas for areas around us.

Martha Stewart Halloween (Special Edition) - always filled with many ideas that I can learn from and share with family.

Flea Market Style Fall/Winter 2011 -  a must have for anyone who loves to hunt for "junk".

Check them out!

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