Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time To Get Back On Track

So the calendar shows that it's January 13th, just about halfway through the first month of this new year.  I'm sitting here wondering where did the first 12 days go and what have I done?

This whole holiday season has been a huge blur to me.  Did all the usually holiday related things: sent out cards (early for a change), decorated the house (using almost everything), baked some cookies (not the usual 12 different kind), shopped for the family, readied the house for Christmas with the family, made a few handmade cards for some special friends ... and some other things too!  Then we were off to Wisconsin for a few days to ring in the New Year.

The holidays were joyous because we were with family but yet difficult for me.  Coping with the loss of a young mother, who is a friend of my daughter's, was difficult for everyone during this time.  A new round of tests for my dear husband to go through again was another added concern, along with the waiting for results.  On returning from a nice time "up north" with the family, word came of the passing of a very dear, close friend.  Needless to say the way the year ended and began was upsetting.

My mind can't seem to stay focused too long on one thing.  I've neglected much around here.  I"m thinking it is now time to get back on track.  There were plans on making some changes to this blog - they will happen slowly, but I'm determined to make them.  My workroom is looking like a tornado hit and that needs to be attended to.  Sewing projects have piled up, so a schedule to complete those will have to be made.  And a big "to do", is to get back to some long range goals that I have tried to set for myself. They need to be addressed, without anymore procrastination!

So let this new year begin once again!

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