Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Touch Of Autumn

After the hottest summer that I can remember, there has been that change in the air that I absolutely love!  It's funny that as August ended and September began, so did our weather.  What a pleasure to open the windows and doors and enjoy the cooler breezes.

Immediately, all things summer were quickly put away.  Even outside, hanging baskets of petunias and planters of geraniums and impatiens were replaced with fall shades of mums.

The annual visit to an area pumpkin farm will be an upcoming trip with the family, but for now, my collection of "faux" pumpkins have made a return.  I like having them around to display early in the season along with other "fall" decorations.  So we are already into the third week of September and the colors of Autumn are being displayed all over the house in small ways.
I like to add several small additions when I decorate.  I think a little "splash" of items "here & there" are the best for me.  So out comes the "fall" colored quilt and other soft coverings.  You'll find lots of pumpkins and seasonal sprays.  Baskets of gourds and Indian corn will come after the visit to the farm stands.  There will be a few "Halloween" related items around the house till the end of October, but not many.  Since all the kids are grown we have left the scary stuff to them to do at their houses.  There will be one "jack-o-lantern" on the front stoop for Halloween, how else will be enjoy our roasted pumpkin seeds.
Looking forward to the seasonal baking of pies, breads and cookies.  I'll share some of those with you as the weeks of Autumn go by.  Trips to the  farm stands in the area, trips to the woodlands nearby to gather some dried plants for displays and trips to area barn sales and antique shops all are waiting to happen.

Check in from time to time and follow our trip through Autumn!


  1. I need you to come decorate my house! lol! Your house looks lovely all decorated for fall. It really is my favorite time of year here in the midwest.


  2. Thanks so much Rebekah! It's my favorite too. I'd love to decorate ... I think I missed my calling.