Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Times

                   (This was taken while the photographer was trying to get us all to look at him.)
Where do I begin?  What a fun time we had with everyone this past week-end.  The family gathered from Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Denver, in and around the Twin Cities, Connecticut, Rhinelander, Southside Chicago and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago,  to celebrate Gramma Arendt's 90th birthday.  As family arrived on Friday we tried catching up with those we haven't seen for a while.  It didn't take long for the party to begin!

On Saturday morning twenty family members had a "golf tournament" of their own.  Gramma shared "craft time" with the two youngest grandchildren and the great-grandkids.  They all decorated visors with their names and other fun embellishments.  After they were done, each received a "goodie bag" from her and had photos taken with their visors.  A few of the ladies took advantage of the spa, some went to the indoor pool (it was sunny, but a bit windy and chilly for the outside pool), others took a nap.  In the afternoon the games began.  I missed out of much of this, but I understand it was fun and only ended with one injury ... Uncle Dave (who is 40 something). Thank heaven there is a doctor in the family to put his elbow back in place!

(Gramma with the Great-Grandchildren)


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