Friday, February 19, 2010

Message To Readers

How did you find your way to this blog?   I"m curious and hoping that you will help me find out how you found your way to read my blog.  Are most of you finding it through Facebook?  If so you can add your name as a "follower" by way of "networked blogs".  But you may not be a Facebook friend or fan and found your way to the blog in another way.  So in the sidebar I have recently added a widget by Google.
Just click on the icon with the word FOLLOW after it.  This will take you to a box that lets you sign in to follow the blog.  By doing so you can then easily leave comments.  I would love to hear  what you have to say and what interests any of the readers.  Either way, I hope you will become a blog follower!!!


  1. hello :)
    I founjd my way to your blog after you left a sweet comment on my sack album. I love your work space, it's nice and bright and roomy :) My work space is huge too and I may get some better lighting and it needs to be a little more organized :)

  2. OK, yes I love your blog. I do have great lighting. My son-in-law is an electrician and he got them out of Office Max that they were working on. I have waited a long time to have such a great space for working.
    I love it. Thanks!