Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Not Junk To Me

"To be truly creative, you have to work beyond what you know.  Pushing the envelope is what being an artist is all about."   John Ferrie
It snowed again yesterday and through the night.  Some people will think I'm a little crazy when I say the winter really does not bother me, but it truly doesn't!  We are at a point in the season that you must realize that we may still get snow but it will be short lived.  But once the weather starts improving that the time to get out and get back to visiting the flea martkets in the area.  There are several in the area that are worth making a visit too.  The most famous is the "Kane County Flea Market" located in St. Charles, Illinois at the county fair grounds.  This one happens to run year round, but is a "MUST" when the weather improves.  The buildings are used during the colder months and have a good variety of vendors.  BUT, in spring, summer and fall when vendors set up all around the fair grounds, that's the very best!  I like to frequent several resale and "second-hand" shops around the area too, though I'm itching at getting out to the flea markets.

Yesterday while out shopping I came across a new publication that I would like to share for anyone else who likes to get out there and "hunt" down that great find.  The publication is called "FLEA MARKET style". The editors of the issue are Ki Nassaur ( and Matthew Mead (  I recommend it for anyone who likes flea markets, vintage, recycling, reusing and finding bargains.  It's filled with ideas and information.

It's put the bug in me to get out and start searching for those wonderful little finds.  It's worth a look!
I have discovered some wonderful blogs and sites related to this that I will be sharing with any readers out there.

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