Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Journal Journey Continues

Journal making has slowed down a little because "life" seems to get in the way of the process!  Today I finally found time to sit down and share the next one on the list.

After a tiny "sneak peek" last week with an "instagram" post here is a the final journal.

It was decided to keep the embellishments on the outside of this one to zero so the technique for the covers standout and it can easily be carried in my purse without damage to those very decorations.

So now to take you through the steps of this journal making process.

Once again it begins with cutting the covers from matboard.  This time I used some scraps from a leftover colored matboard, though it didn't really matter with the additional covering of these two pieces.  NOTE: The spine of the journal was not covered leaving the colored matboard showing.

The inside of the covers were done by layering torn pieces of pages from an old dictionary onto Mixed Media Adhesive Sheets by Rebekah Meier for Thermoweb.  Once the layering is complete, coat the surfaces with Mixed Media Medium or any gel medium.  Die-cut this piece for placement onto the inside of the journal covers.

To make the front cover panels, I started by making a collage of decorative tissue papers on a square of muslin fabric that measures approximately 10 1/2" x 10 1/2".    Layer the tissue on with a gel medium.  When that is dry add color with the medium of your choice. Once the the colored layer is dry, add more design with stencils and/or stamps.  Coat the entire piece with gel medium.

To coat the collage square with resin, this is the process I used:

NOTE: I used EnviroTex Lite resinEnviroTex Jewelry Resin could also be used for a small project like this.  Follow manufacturer instructions. 
Place the square onto a piece of disposable plastic bag or a surface like a non-stick craft mat.  Mix only small amounts of resin for covering the piece.  I made a small amount to coat the backside first.  I poured it onto the fabric square and brushed it out with a small disposable brush.  Turn the square over to have the right side up.  Mix more resin and pour onto the piece.  Brush out the resin to the edges.  Allow the fabric square to now sit till the resin hardens completely.  When the resin sets well the piece can be lifted off the plastic.  Die-cut two cover panels from the resin covered fabric.  NOTE: To eliminate bulk, I only cut the cover part, not the spine area.

The front, outside covers and inside cover pieces can be placed onto the matboard die-cuts.  The resin covers are put into place using 1/2" Super Tape around the four edges of the front covers and glue added to the center. NOTE: More tape can be added to the center of the covers also for better contact if desired in place of glue. Then assemble the journal as given in the directions.

The elastic is covered with a decorative trim
I used clear jewelry elastic to hold the signatures.  Punch two holes on the edge of both covers.  Add a decorative button to the front for a closure; thread a length of flat trim or ribbon to the back for the tie.

NOTE: In making the outer and inner linings for the journal covers, they can be completed seperately, then die-cut individually before being adhered to the matboard covers OR layered onto the matboard pieces first before cutting the covers.  *Both ways will work, but aligning the edges can be tricky! I did the former with good results!

The journal hold three signatures. The signature covers where made from co-ordinated decorative cardstock papers and manila folders.  To make this a writing journal, the inserts are made using the lined paper from a "dollar store" notebook.  Two sections of pages are sewn together on a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch sewn down the center.  Score the center using a ruler and bone folder.   Fold along the scored fold line; trim the inserts to fit into the signature covers.

For more information see:
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