Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Journal Journey - Part #4

Continuing the adventure of creating journals with the fabulous JOURNAL die by Eileen Hull for Sizzix.  The latest edition again uses the die as the starting point.  For decorating the covers and inserts I used the wonderful mixed media materials by Rebekah Meier Designs for Thermoweb.  I have only "scratched the surface" of the ways to use these but will be happy to share how they were incorporated into the journal making.

Just to familarize you with the product line here are some images and discriptions.

 Mixed Media Art Paper and Tape take paint, ink and other art mediums very well.  Tears and cuts easily and use with die cutting systems.  Stamp, stencil and emboss. Wonderful surface to be used in many ways.

Mixed Media Adhesive Sheets are doubled-sided making them very versatile.  Can be used to layer paper, fabrics and foils.

Mixed Media Foam Sheets are double-sided also.  Can be used to add dimension to collage projects of all types.  Can be painted, inked, cut, textured.

NOTE: The three variety of sheets all measure 9" x 12".

Mixed Media Medium is a multi-purpose adhesive that will work in a variety of ways.

Mixed Media Transfer Foils come in five new colors and can add that special touch to all your creative crafting.  The names alone make you want to use them! (Antique Pearl, Old Gold, Vintage Tin, New Penny, Patina)

Experimenting has only just begun!

Now let me begin to walk you through the steps I took -

NOTE: In making the outer and inner linings for the journal covers, they can be completed seperately, then die-cut individually before being adhered to the matboard covers OR layered onto the matboard pieces first before cutting the covers.  *Both ways will work, but aligning the edges can be tricky! I did the former with good results!

For the front cover: Using a adhesive sheet, I randomly layered a variety of torn bits to one side of the sheet.  Brush on a thin coat of the Mixed Media Medium to adhere any loose edges of papers.  Next, using a sheet of the art paper, I colored it with Colorbox® Blends Sunshine.  The process I used was to blend the ink onto the sheet, working in small sections at a time; spritzing each section with water and blending the ink into the sheet with my finger.  In areas I went and added more color using the same technique.  NOTE: The water does not hurt the adhesive on the sheet, but I did not over saturate the sheet with water.  If that happens, blot with a paper towel to help remove the excess. ***SIDE NOTE: These blotting sheets might make interesting elements for collage.  Set the sheet aside to dry before cutting.

Make the front and back covers for the journal.  (Refer the NOTE above.)  After cutting the covers, blend the edges with Nutmeg Colorbox® Blends.

Before putting the journal together I stenciled a design onto the front and back covers, using a stencil paste and some of my favorite stencils.  NOTE: Stencils are designs by Rebekah Meier for TCW

Once the stencil paste dryed I went back and added touches of color by painting on the ink from the Colorbox® Blends with a wet brush.  Some bits of foiling were added.  Apply the iCraft® deco foil™ liquid adhesive to areas of the stenciled design.  Allow to dry following manufacturers instruction before adding the transfer foil.  

Assemble the journal following the directions.  For the closure on this journal I added a decorative button and ribbon.

To finish the front cover, die-cut the label from the Journal die.  Stamp and emboss a title.  The edges of the label were wiped with clear embossing ink and dipped in clear embossing powder then heated for a slight textured effect.  Flowers and leaves are die-cut using an Eileen Hull die.  To make them, adhere small bits of fabrics (flowers) and tissue paper (leaves) to some of the Mixed Media Foam Sheets.  Die-cut the shapes and add extra color with inks.  The centers of the flowers have a bit of foil added for some metallic sparkle.

Inside the journal I added three signatures.  The first signature cover is made from a sheet of the art paper that was printed by Rebekah Meier on a gel plate and given to me as a sample.  I added some other stenciling and coloring to it; placed a piece of decorative paper onto the adhesive side before forming it into the cover with a small pocket.

The second signature was made from an old manila folder.  It has leftover art paper pieces added to the front (yellow torn stripe) and inside (pink print). I like the transparency of the  sheet with a stamped design over part of it.

The third signature cover is made by placing a piece of tea dyed fabric onto a adhesive sheet then onto a piece of manila folder.  Cut the signature cover and round the edges. Stencil a design and add shading onto fabric if desired.  A strip of colored art tape is added and stamped on.

Combining all these really wonderful elements from this product line,  I only see possibilities to be creative with!  Get your hands on some and HAVE FUN!

Thanks Eileen and Rebekah for endless possibilites!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful project! I love all the details...thank you for including Rebekah Meier's new line in's stunning!

    1. Thanks for commenting Julia! I enjoyed including as much as I could of Rebekah's new line in this journal. I barely scratched the surface of what there is to do with them. I know Rebekah will create beautiful pieces using them. I'm happy to show them in my way and promote her talent!

  2. Madeline- what a gorgeous journal! You create so beautifully and your tutorial is fantastic. I just got a box of Rebekah's goodies- after seeing your journal I need to get them out! Thanks for using the Blends and dies- you are awesome!

    1. I say "Thanks" to you once again for your wonderful designs, adventures and friendship! Once I started playing around with Rebekah's new goodies I was hooked and I think you will be too. Anytime you're passing through again the three of us should get together and have our own crafting retreat here!