Sunday, June 19, 2016


Today is one of those days to honor and celebrate those special guys in our lives.  I sit at the computer writing this before making a trip to visit with those "special guys" that have left us - a grandfather, a father, a father-in-law and most importantly the father of my three children.  In the five years since we had so say good-bye, he is thought of daily and missed more than imagined.

He would have enjoyed seeing his grandson becoming a wonderful young man, wondering where did those years go from that little guy we used to watch to heading into his Senior year of high school with thoughts of the future waiting for him.  He would love seeing the sweet, quiet Maddie becoming  a strong young lady who is finding herself and will spark and delight!  He would have been delighted to see Tess loving school and seeing in her maybe a future teacher.  He would love having a conversation with this very wise eight year old.  He would love having the chance to play and enjoy Zoe and see how she is blossoming into a fun-packed little dynamo.

I see so much of him in each of the children and grandchildren - he has truly left his mark on on of us and we love him for it.

This is a post I made to my blog 5 years ago on the very same date about those special guys!


Today is their day - well their "Special" calendar day.  So to dad's everywhere, I hope that they will enjoy the day.  Some will be golfing, some lounging, some grilling,  some even working and many sharing some time with those they love and love them back.

For my husband and I, we will be remembering.  Both of our fathers are gone, but we will have memories to think of and share.  Those photos of "family" that are many in our house,  are filled with thoughts of them and how their  "fatherhood" shaped us.
Dad with baby daughter long ago

Dad with sons (future dads)-David was only a gleam.

Then there is our oldest son (father of two sweet little girls, Tess and Zoe) and our son-in-law (father of two tweens, Joseph and Maddie), they are both spending their day working.  Both are firemen/paramedics and today is their shift day.  Both are great daddy's to their children.

A very young father

The rest of us will gather here with another special dad.  He has much to be proud of in his three children and the family additions.  We honor him for the wonderful teacher, worker, friend, neighbor, son, brother, sweetheart, husband and loving Dad he is!

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