Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn Celebrations - Designer Craft Connection October Edition

Each season brings with it some special moments.  Autumn has several. Like the other times of the year, I enjoy adding decorations to highlight the celebrations of the season.  Around the house are simple holiday related items.  There are several pumpkins, fall flower sprays, autumnal naturals and other collected pieces like witches and scarecrows.

Some handmade items that I have made for my home can be seen in these photos.  This cute and easy banner made just for Halloween was made using purchased foam shapes of pumpkins and ghosts, by punching a small hole near the top of each.  Thread a length of ribbon through the hole and tie each shape onto a long length of cording.

Another banner is made in a similiar way using purchased foam leaves.  Again they are clustered together and tied on cording with raffia.  This one can remain up for the entire Fall season.

One more banner that celebrates the season of Autumn is made from scraps of burlap, die-cut shapes, acorn embellishments and torn strips of seasonal fabrics.

Each of these banners along with a few natural items can be just enough to bring a little something extra to your home for the season.

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