Friday, August 17, 2012

Where, Oh Where Has Madeline Been?

I feel like I could be living through a "Where's Waldo" book all these past weeks.  The last post I wrote was on July 3rd. It was good to take a break, but now it's time once again to get back on track.  Let me do a little catching up...

Just after the last post, I was busy working on several projects that I created for Beacon Adhesives, to be used in their booth display during the Summer CHA show.  Though the show was smaller then past summer shows, I still enjoyed attending two days.  Just  having a chance to reconnect with some follow designers, meet others face to face, check out some new products and have some fun with "make & takes" too, was a very welcome  way to spend my days.

Cover paper mache suitcase
Hnadmade paper rolls with leaf embellishments
Repurposed burlap bag
Next came a trip to California for a week.  Spent a week visiting Sacramento and Folsom, where three of my nieces live, along with dad and mom (my older brother and sister-in-law).  Had lots of fun there with everyone.  Celebrated the 50th birthday of one of the girls.  They know how to throw a party!  Took a trip to Napa Valley and visited an amazing winery with a personal tour and tasting for just six of us.  Wonderful, expensive wines, but so much fun!  Had the opportunity to spend time with each one of the girls and their families and can't say enough about how much I really enjoyed that.  This was my first trip to this part of California and would love to go back.  Next stop - San Francisco (hopefully)!
At "Far Niente" Vineyard
Old Folsom
Old Sacramento
I realized that I'm sure didn't enjoy the traveling part of this trip as much as I used to.  It's been awhile since I have had to deal with the crazy procedures at an airport.  It was a pleasure to return home after a 5 hour delay.  Felt very sorry for the 40 people that missed connecting flights that day.  What happened to the "friendly skies"?

Then there were two days to recover, regroup and repack.  On August 3rd, I was off again.  This time I was headed to the Wisconsin northwoods for week with the kids at Camp Nawakwa.  This is the place where the family has spent a week or two for over 40 years.  It was a different experience this summer.  It was our first without my sweetheart Michael. He all felt he was there with us.  Though the time there was bittersweet, I truly enjoyed sitting back and watching the next generation that gathered there, with their own children and all the fun and chaos that camp can be!
Maddie, Zoe, Tess
Eight Cousins out of Twenty
Off-spring of just the 8
I know that I have left out many details of all the transpired during all those happenings, but just wanted to touch on what has been happening. So, I'm back home now and working on catching up and getting organized to get back to work on a variety of things and that means more blog posts.

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