Saturday, May 12, 2012

ImpressArt Metal Stamp Challenge

Let me begin just by saying this challenge was fun and I am so grateful that I was able to participate.  So much to share and so much to tell so let's begin...

I was unfamiliar with the products by ImpressArt and when the package came with the materials to be used for the challenge, I must admit I found it a real challenge...but I'm always up to the challenge and happy to try and learn something new.  I have had experience working with metal but embossed metal work, not stamping.  After playing a little with the materials sent I came up with four different projects.  The main project that you will see here is one where I use several items in the package received and tried to use them a little differently.
Catch A Dream
ImpressArt Alphabet Stamp Set, Newsprint
ImpressArt Design Stamp, Fun Star
ImpressArt Stamping Blanks
     Petal 2", Nickel Silver
     Chandelier with ring, Copper
     Feather with ring (1 1/16"), Brass
     Star with ring (7/8"), Brass
ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer
ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block
ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape
Mercart metal 3 or 4 prong scratch tool
Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix Diamond #2 Die
The Warm Company Steam-a-Seam
Paper, colored
Fabric Scrap
Metal Scrap (or a Chipboard Scrap)
Ranger Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber, Copper
Ranger Crackle Accents
Ranger Distress Stain or Distress Ink Pad, Broken China
Ranger Adirondack Marker, Pitch Black
Natural Thin Jute Cord, May Arts
Paper Awl
Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers
Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip

Metal Pieces:
1.  Begin with the Copper Chandelier shape; place on stamping block and with stamping hammer, hit piece repeatedly to give the piece a "hammered metal" look.
2.   Use two small pieces of the tape to hold the brass star w/ ring onto the stamping block.  Using the "fun star", hammer the design randomly on the surface of the entire star.  Rub the surface with the black Adirondack marker; then wipe the surface with a small soft cloth or paper towel to remove the surface ink.
3.  Tape the brass feather w/ring onto the stamping block. Use the "dash" from the alphabet set to stamp a line down the center of the feather shape.  Draw the scratch tool from the line out to the edge to texture a featherlike look to the piece.
4.  Attach the chandelier shape onto the silver petal shape with a small amount of Quick Grip before stamping the word "dream".  NOTE: Refer to photo of piece for placement.
5.   Tape the layered piece onto the stamping block to hold in place.  Apply a piece of tape along the petal piece just below the area the word will be stamped.  NOTE: Mark with a line as a guide for each letter.  Strike the metal stamp with medium pressure to make the impression for each letter. Color over with the marker and wipe before ink sets to make letters pop.
Diamond shape:
NOTE: I use a product called Steam-a-Seam to adhere fabric and paper to surfaces, but a glue could be used instead if desired.
6.   Crumble the paper scrap and then smooth.  Randomly wipe the surface with the copper paint.
7.   Iron the the Steam-a-Seam to the back of the paper and fabric scrap.
8.   Swipe the surface of the fabric scrap with the ink or stain.  If using the stain, after applying, wipe the surface with a paper towel to remove access stain.
9.   Die-cut a diamond shape from the paper, the fabric and metal scraps.
10.  Align the three layers and iron to adhere them together.
11.  Apply Crackle Accent to the paper side of the diamond and allow to dry and crack.
12   Glue the petal/chandelier piece onto the diamond shape using Quick Grip
13.  With paper awl, drill two holes (slowly) into the lower sides of the diamond to hang star & feather charms.
14.  Attach charms with jump rings and jewelry pliers.
15.  Place a jump ring into the ring on the chandelier piece.
16.  Thread four lengths of the thin jute through the jump ring.
17.  String on desired style and amount of beads.

***I chose to use a variety of metal tones and the turquoise color, jute and beads to give the piece a "dream catcher" look.

There is a Facebook contest running along with this hop. The contest will run from May 12th through midnight, May 21st.  The Grand Prize is valued up to $120.00 and contains:
1-ImpressArt Alphabet Set (Winner's Choice)
1 ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block, small
1-ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer
1-ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape roll
An Assortment of Metal Discs
To enter the contest, go to this link and follow directions to enter: 194975693850063

Now hop on through the other blogs for more inspiration, using the blue "Designer Craft Connection" button at the top right or begin at Theresa Cifali page linked here.

Three other ideas that I made using the ImpressArt blanks and stamps and various other materials:
"Sunny Smile"-hammered edges with stamping

"Mom's Love"-blank with stamped layer

"Feel Tagged"-different metal surface/inked


  1. Madeline you never disappoint me, your projects are always fabulous....

  2. Madeline...I just love your projects. They are simply gorgeous! Glad you had fun with the stamps.

  3. Madeline, I love your projects. I really like the Mom pendant with the metal layer. Great!

  4. Nice projects. I especially like "Moms Love". :)

  5. Wow, Madeline these are amazing. Love your necklace, the pendant is gorgeous. The design of the other examples are perfect.

  6. Hard to pick a favorite. They are all so beautiful.

  7. Madeline! You went stamp happy! That's awesome. Love all of your projects. I think my favorite is how you textured the star with the star stamp. Glad to have you participate in the hop.

  8. Wow! You sure rose to the challenge! The surface treatment you did are fantastic! The main pendent reminds me a little bit of a modern day dream catcher. Thank you for sharing all your ideas!

    - Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  9. Madeline, You did a fabulous job! I would have never thought to bend the embellsihments like you did. Great job!

  10. The necklace is just lovely! The other projects so sweet. You just have such a nice touch in your creations!

  11. Great projects - lots of detail which I love!

  12. I have always loved native american dream catchers! Your metal stamped piece reminds me of that! and I love it! I also love the cameo piece too! So beautiful! - kg

  13. Thanks everyone for the comments. My inspiration was a "dreamcatcher". I truly enjoyed using the metal stamps and look forward to using them in other ways.

  14. TFS your GORGEOUS creations. My favorite is the pendant with the copper chandelier shape. That shape is so interesting...I'm adding these to the wish list : )

  15. Danke für das Schreiben dieses. Ich fühle mich, als ob ich so viel mehr zu diesem Thema, als ich vorher nicht kannte. Dein Blog wirklich brachte einige Dinge ans Licht, dass ich nie über vor dem Lesen gedacht haben. Sie sollten dies auch weiterhin, wäre ich bin sicher, die meisten Menschen zustimmen youve geschenkt bekam.