Monday, January 2, 2012

In The Year 2012

Happy 2012 to everyone!  Just returned home after spending a few days "up north" once again with family.  The tradition continues no matter what!  It has been a strange year and the trip was no different.  The lack of that white stuff was not only felt at home but most of the trip north.  It was odd to not see any snow on the ground till more than half way through Wisconsin.  Luckily there was enough for us to enjoy the stay and more arrived while there. The beauty of the area is just amazing.  We toasted in the new year a bit early.  The crisp winter air and activity (broom ball, cross country skiing, skating and snowball fights) had almost everyone too tired to stay awake till midnight.

This new year will bring with it many new changes, whether I like it or not.  The old year ended and the new one began with family and friends - my hope is that will be one thing that won't change in my life.

I face this new year with so many thoughts of what is behind me and the challenge of what faces me without a very special person to share it with.  

Like so many years in the past, January 1st brings with it thoughts of what we want to do to make it a good year. Experiencing this past one has proven that life can change in an instant.  Not just for me but for so many others.  

Resolutions are something I have never made. This year I will make a list of "hope to do's" and see how many will be completed.  It will all start with a plan to reorganize everything.  Mike made sure I have a wonderful work space to do all that I enjoy.  My first plan is to make it get it in better shape to  go with any creative idea that comes my way.  Next is to make lists - I have a habit of always making lists - from "have to do" to "maybe I'll get to it".   I want to push myself but not to the point of feeling pressured.  I don't need or want pressure after this past year!

Going to try to be productive, creative, positive and hopeful.  Those are my goals this coming year.  All I can ask myself is to TRY!


  1. You can do it Madeline! Hope your 2012 is full of happy surprises. Will you be at CHA?

  2. I once heard of making monthly goals rather then yearly makes it easier to tackle and feel accomplished. Good luck. Liz Reynolds