Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

This is certainly going to be a very different Christmas this year for the family and myself.  How do you celebrate a holiday like this without someone so very special to you?  Do you say "Bah Humbug!" or become a "grinch"?  I still think it's best to take each day at a time. Do what I feel I need to do. Never forget how that special person would react or enjoy the moment.

The house is decorated, outside and in.  Cookies were baked, but this year without someone coming in and sneaking samples.  It's amazing how something that would make me crazy is missed so much.  Many cards have arrived again but this year they were not  sent.  I find it difficult to find the right sentiment to send this year.  After much back and forth, we will gather here at home today.  It will not be a full house this year - Kevin, Ali and girls, Amy, Joe and kids, Matthew, Andrea and I will spend the day with each other.  It will be day when we must all come together and maybe cry and probably laugh and mostly remember a very special man and the meaning of this season - LOVE.

Let it be Christmas everywhere!  Peace to all this Christmas and Love!
(Take the time to listen to this song by Alan Jackson - simple, sweet and meaningful.)

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