Monday, April 18, 2011

The Green Grass Grows...

Only six days till Easter Sunday.  Now that the decorations have been made and are on display throughout the house, it is time to think about the dinner menu and final plans for the day.

Much of the food shopping is complete. Tomorrow I will begin setting the table.  If something is needed, there will still be time to complete the setting.  Also, tomorrow night I hope to get some baking started.
In two previous posts I mentioned one of our favorite decorations for Easter and I thought I would now share a photo of it. This is something I have been doing since our kids were little and always enjoyed by all who see it.
Sprouting the grass seed
I will again give you the link that is found on Martha Stewart's site, which is exactly the way we have always created this decoration.  The grass looks like it might need a little "haircut", but I just may let it grow.
Two days later
On Wednesday, I plan to dye eggs with Tess, since she and Zoe will be here. They will go into the basket on Sunday along with some small pots of flowers.

Another link that I did not share from the last post, are the directions on how to fold napkins to form the bunny for the table setting.  This was found last year on the Martha Stewart site.  I will be using those small, invisible hair bands to hold the bunny shape before adding the punched, decorative trim around the neck.
If you haven't already read the last post or seen the projects I made, here is the link to that post.

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