Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Kind To Our Earth Today and Everyday

Do something, anything today (and everyday), to celebrate this planet we live on.  I refuse to abuse this place that we call home.  If you cannot do something to help in a "BIG" way, work at doing small things to show some care.  The first and easiest thing any of us can do is to recycle.  We now have cut our trash to only one bag per week, in most cases, but never more than two on occasion.  Our recycled items have tripled.

I'm a happy "Green Bagger"!  It takes a plan to get in the habit of reusing bags, but it can be done.  I smile every time I shop and see more getting into the habit. Plastic bags are only good for deposing of "pet litter".

Take time to think about our environment. Why are so many more people today having respiratory problems, cancers, allergies?  Come on people ... it's not all hereditary.  What we breath, eat and how we live does have an affect ... and sorry it cannot be denied!

Some sites I enjoy visiting for information follows:
   Mother Earth News - great archives, lots of info on various subjects
   Environmental Protection Agency - information galore
   EcoGreen Crafts - ideas for the "green crafter"
   Earth Safe Finishes - a "green" company for creative people with safety in mind.
   Green Thing - how to live a greener life
   The Green Guide - handy information about living green from National Geographic
   Reusables - shopping for clever reusable items

Take some time to check these out.  There are many, many more that you can find, just "google", and many facebook pages that you can "like" and find what others are doing to be kind to our earth.

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