Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crafty Kids

We had a sleepover at our house last night.  The two older grandchildren spent 24 hours with us.  Mom and dad had a chance to spend a night with friends in the city.

We made a quick trip to our nearby Michael's to pick up some stickers for two projects that they worked on.  The afternoon was spent painting and decorating lamp kits that I discovered packed away in boxes along with some metal frames.

For the frames, they glued small magnets or magnet strips to 3-D stickers to decorate the frames.  They will be able to change them from time to time to suit the photos they place in the frames.

The lamp kits will make a nice night-lite for their rooms.  Again, they used a variety of stickers to decorate the translucent shades, after painting the base with their choice of colors.  If they desire, they will be able to add other decorations at a later time.

It's fun having crafty kids in the family!

After dinner we laid around the family room watching a "marathon" of Harry Potter movies before calling it a night.  Before getting picked up by mom and dad, we made them their
favorite breakfast when they stay over - French Toast with crispy bacon.

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