Monday, April 13, 2015

Deflecto Design Team - Celebrate & Honor

Almost every month brings reasons to celebrate or honor someone, be it family or friend.    The first idea to share is a twist on a banner.

From Deflecto magnet sheets, I cut a banner flag shapes.  NOTE: Cut as many flag shapes for the greeting of your choice.  Cut decorative papers to match the magnet shapes.  Attach the papers to the magnet shapes using double-sided tape.  Cut a square from Scotch Brand chalk tape and trim the edges with decorative scissors.  Place the chalk tape square onto the magnet flags.  Each of the flags are embellished with a die-cut 3D paper flower and two punched paper leaves.  NOTE:  Each of the flags and the paper leaves are shaded around the edges with some inks.  Use chalk or a chalk marker to write you greetings on the squares. With a hole punch, make two holes near the top of each flag.  Lace a length of ribbon through the holes, space evenly.  Place the banner on a door.

One of my very favorite Deflecto frames is this floating-type frame.  On its own it is just a lovely frame but it does lend itself to a wide variety of embellishing techniques.

To add just a slight touch of color I used clear acrylic stickers.  Stickers are a very easy way to add a personal touch to a plain frame.  With these stickers I added foam dots to the center backs for placement on the frame.  By adding one or two layers of dots you can arrange the stickers for a more dimensional look.  NOTE:  After placing the dots on the backs and before removing the release, brush the adhesive part that shows with a little bit of talcum powder to remove the "stick".

The last of the acrylic frames once again has some simple embellishments that can give it just a little something extra.  Four shapes were made from Makin's Clay.  Directions for this are as follows:  Make the casting using a mold of choice and follow directions from manufacturer, using white Makin's Clay in the molds.  When dry, paint as desired.  Cut a decorative background paper of choice for inserting in frame.  Glue the Makin's Clay elements to the corners of the frame.  Add a tiny banner that spells out the special someone you are celebrating with alphabet stickers.

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