Friday, November 14, 2014

"Upcycled Jewelry" by Linda Peterson Book Review Blog Hop

Designer/Author, Linda Peterson has a new book titled "Upcycled Jewelry - Bags, Belts & More" that I have been lucky enough to been given a copy to review for this blog hop.  You can find Linda's website at this link.  She will be hosting a "giveaway" along with this blog hop.

Being a "creative soul" along with a believer in reusing found and recyclable items for pieces that I create, I was delighted in reviewing this book and absorbing the ideas that Linda has to share.  The book contains 35 projects using everyday materials and some interesting additons to create very usable and modern designed accessories.

The jewelry pieces, whether made using plastic pieces, aluminum cans, bottle caps, zippers, soda can tabs, to just name some elements used, are all such clever ideas and could be followed exactly from her book or given your own twist.  The photos for the projects are great for the "visual" crafter.  Each project has a "Helpful Hint" that I like with instructions.

There are many designs in the book that I would enjoy recreating.  What I enjoy most are the "outside the box" materials, like the bicycle chain, the plastic bags and the ideas using an inner tube.  The "loop de loop ring" and the "retro studded cuff" and the "ring o' roses necklace come to mind.

After reviewing Linda's book, I attacked my boxes of saved materials and finds.   After taking a look through  my collection of things I created a pendant and pin.  The base of both are constructed from an old vinyl eye glass case.   Additional heart shapes are from pieces of old sunken wool sweaters.  Other elements used to finish them are old rusted keys, a decorative zipper pull from an old sweater, chain necklace from old costume jewelry. the lens from old eyeglasses, a saved image from an old postcard,  and a copy of a found verse.

Here are some links you can check out to find out more about Linda:

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There are several others who are particpating in the blog hop and you should really take the time to check them out and see what others are saying about Linda's latest book.



  1. Thank you Madeline for being part of the blog hop! I love you upcycled heart design!!! xx Linda

  2. It was absolutely my pleasure to participate Linda. Love the book and ideas - Best of Luck!