Monday, May 12, 2014

Arnold Grummer's Papermaking - Paper Layers

Using a variety of papers, some handmade along with other types, then layering them creates a keepsake card.

Begin with a piece of white textured card stock that is cut and folded to make a card measuring 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  The next layer is a a patterned vellum, cut 1/4" smaller then folded card front.  All four sides of the card are trimmed with a deckle decorative scissor.   Glue onto card front with Zip Dry or a narrow double sided tape.  The next layer is a piece of hand made paper.  This piece was made by adding some dried leaf bits with stems.  The processing breaks these down but gives the paper some great texture.

The large butterfly started with another piece of plain handmade paper.  The paper is colored by spraying the paper with color spray.  NOTE: Use whatever method to color the paper.  If the method uses some form of rewetting the paper, press the paper an iron to help dry and smooth it.  Use a die-cut or a butterfly pattern of choice to cut the shape. Cut a butterfly body from a small piece of brown paper.  Cut a short length of wire, form it into a "V" shape.  With round nose jewelry pliers, twist the ends of both to make a slight curl.  Glue the wire shape onto the colored butterfly shape, then glue the brown paper cut-out over the wire and center of the lower shape.

To finish off the card, stamp a short verse onto a strip of ribbon and affix the ribbon on the card.

A casting, using the Arnold Grummer #704 butterfly mold,  was added to the card.  This casting was made with an epoxy resin material instead of paper.  The mold had been used several times to make casting with beeswax before making a casting with the resin product.  NOTE: To use the molds with resin I believe the molds need to be treated in some way to help release the resin.  Testing with an untreated mold was difficult to release.  The mold was placed in the freezer and then I used an X-acto knife blade to carefully lift the resin casting from the mold.  I used thinned Distress Paints to color the butterfly image on the casting then added a litter glitter glue around the image for some sparkle.

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