Wednesday, February 29, 2012

National Craft Month

Happy Leap Year - one extra day to prepare for -

The month of March it is time to celebrate crafts.  Google crafts and the search will be endless. To get started I thought I would share some sites to check out for some information and inspiration.  Get crafting - get some friends or kids together to try something new or stick to what you like - but have some fun! Think about trying to push yourself to the next level. Think and work "outside the box".

If you were not aware of the industry that supports crafts, check out the site of CHA.  Twice a year there is a trade show to showcase the newest products and ideas with retailers.

Other sites that you may like to check out are from retailers and see what's on sale or download coupons for your craft purchases during this month long celebration of crafts. Use those coupons they offer to purchase some supplies to help celebrate this month long event.


Hobby Lobby


JoAnn Fabrics

Hancock Fabrics

Searching for ideas try these sites first for help for many:
 Crash Test Dummies

If you spend anytime online, there are oodles and oodles of blogs to follow on any subject.  They can be specific to one area of crafting or many that share a variety of subjects.  Check out a few then visit other blog links that are listed as favorites.

Several manufactures of crafting materials also have blogs related to their products, with ideas galore.  Check them out!

On the Home Shopping Network this month there will me many chances to see crafting products for sale and ideas on how to use them.  Brenda Pinnick, who designs fabric, stamps and dies, will be featured on HSN, March 6th.

A new online site for taking craft classes is called Craftsy.  A new idea you just might like.

Unless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you have heard of Pinterest. If you can't draw inspiration or the urge to get creative after looking at pinboards here - well, I just don't know what to say!  It has inspired in me ideas for crafting of course, but also decorating, sewing, writing, and cooking.

Coming Next Week

Monday, March 5th, is the posting day to the Designer Craft Connection blog. The theme this month is - what else - all about Spring!  Come hop through the blogs to see what the designers have come up with this time to interpret their ideas of Spring.  I'm working on several things. I'll share them with you through out this crafting month. March brings us the beginning of a new season.  This month starts the parade of family birthdays that continues on through April.  There are showers to attend and some "wearing of the green" to take place and the celebration of Easter. The days will bring us longer periods of daylight, plants will be popping through the earth and buds will be swelling with new life. Seeing green sprouts, crocus', daffodils and primrose are a lovely sight.  It's the time to open up and clean out - the season of renewing


  1. Wonderful post, Madeline! I tried to compose a leap year this morning and it just didn't work. You have covered everything craftiness so well. Can't wait to see Brenda on HSN! Now, to go check out Craftsy :)

  2. Thanks Molly hope to inspire whoever is out in blog land.