Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Coming!

It's that time again!  Everywhere I look I'm seeing lights, greenery, red & green and lots of sparkly stuff.  I know we just finished with the spooky stuff and we are all preparing to get stuffed next week.  It always seems that the Christmas holiday is so very far away but it then it is here and gone again before we even realize.

I want to enjoy the season no matter how crazy and hectic it seems to always get.  The big basket of holiday magazines came out yesterday.  I keep a very large basket with old issues of Country Living, Living and various others at hand to browse through.  Picked up one old one this morning and already found three ideas.

There are several holiday magazine available already.  I want to share a few that I have either looked at already or purchased.  For ideas for your house take a look at Holiday with Matthew Mead.  Always one with so many details and ideas for festive decorating.

For anyone wanting handmade ideas, there are two that are worth the purchase.  Stitch Craft Create is a new one and I like it.

Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts is another worthy purchase.

For wonderful ideas for edible gifts take a peek at Better Homes & Gardens Food Gifts.

It's OK to start getting in the holiday spirit.  Pull out those holiday movies and music and start with one a night.  No need to go crazy with decorations, gifts or entertaining.  The season is about giving and you give in any way you choose or can.  Make a gift for someone you know is alone, take a plate of cookies (homemade or bought) to a neighbor who has no family around.  Giving in big or little ways are what make the season bright.
Don't be a humbug!

ADDED NOTE:  The Designer Craft Connection is doing another blog hop starting today.  I was not able to take part in this one because of timing but please take some time to click on the "blinkie" at the top right of this post and take a peek at a neat product and of course, creative ideas!

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