Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sewing Something Sweet

Lots of sewing going on here.  Some sewing for profit and some sewing for fun.  My workroom has projects of all kinds scattered about.

 This very special sewing project for our sweet little granddaughter Tess.  She is turning "two" this coming Sunday.  Grampa and I are giving her a "Bitty Baby" for her birthday, just as we did, when our older granddaughter turned two, almost 7 years ago.  Along with her new baby doll, I wanted to add something special.

The doll crib was a flea market find several years ago as was the little wooden highchair.  I always knew I bought them for a good reason. After washing them down, Grampa  gave them a fresh coat of paint.  I started making patterns for the highchair cushions and the crib coverings.  I searched through my fabric stash and found some perfect prints to use.

Looking forward to giving them to her this Sunday along with her new baby doll.  (All in preparations for the arrival of her new sibling this summer.)

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