Monday, August 31, 2009

Prep Time Begins

The UPS and FedEx trucks have been making several stops out in front to the house lately. Today I have been moving the contents from those packages down to my work room. This week the serious prep work begins. Have a few things I'm still waiting for, but have enough now to get started.

Besides preparing the class kits, there is experimentation going on with new ways of using some of the mediums I will be using. That is always fun. Along with preparations and experimenting, I have four different creations started to take along to the festival and wear. I guess I will be a walking advertisement for my favorite products.

I have patterns to copy, lists to make, instructions to write, sample boards to make and I'm sure there is something I am forgetting. In the next days and weeks, as all this preparation will be taking place, I hope to share some photos and comments here. Just before I leave for the Quilt Festival I will post the projects from the classes.

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