Friday, January 18, 2008

The week-end is here

Another week has come and gone.   What did I do when I was working every day?  The invites are complete except to add the postage.  I'll have to take a photo of one and post it to this blog.   

Well, it's going to be the coldest weather so far here this week-end.  It's a good night to be sitting at home and blogging.
I have been finding several interesting blogs that I hope to sit and read tonight.  Once I get through them I will post the
ones I like.  Since my interests are so varied I will have to list them according to interests.  

Tomorrow we will be off to Wisconsin for a road trip.  We are going to visit a cousin who I haven't seen for at least 
twenty years.  It's a trip with my older brothers and their wives and my hubby.  It's been forty or more years since I have seen what was the family summer home.  My memory of the house and the area are in for a BIG surprise.

It should be interesting and will probably be filled with lots of memories for all of us.  Well off to read some blogs and check out some books.

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